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Our MISSION is to ignite an EXPLOSION - a great increase of converts to Christ

Our work focuses on Church Planting, but we do many other ministries that feed into that, both before and after a church is planted. Our twice a year missions trips participate in many of these ministries. Ministry opportunities can be come in many forms and sometimes unexpectedly. We do many of them as the opportunity presents itself.

Explore our various missions emphasis

Community Development

Primarily we do:

  • Mini medical camps, providing general health checkups,
  • Host classes on hygiene, nutrition, and family planning.

(Short-term missions trips frequently participate in these activities)

As opportunity presents itself we help believers with overwhelming medical bills to encourage them in their walk with Christ as the body works together taking care of its own.

Most tribal people are illiterate but love to hear stories read from the Bible. Children are taught from an early age to be hunters. They don’t go to school. MEI seeks to start a learning center in these villages. Eventually these can lead to a church plant.

Leadership Training

We train young men for ministry by teaching:
  • Bible classes on various subjects.
  • How to prepare sermons
  • How to start churches in new villages
  • General bible education.
We teach our young women how to share the gospel with fellow students and coworkers. As opportunity presents itself we
  • Disciple new believers and encourage and strengthen home church leaders.
  • Hold couples’ retreats.
(Our short-term mission trips in the spring bring preachers from the USA to do Bible studies for our India preachers, inviting preachers from many different denominations to attend.)

Disaster Relief

Disaster strikes at any time, from cyclones to fires to religious persecutions. We meet the needs of each situation differently depending on the circumstances and needs.

  • Providing food, shelter, clothing, and medical care when needed.
  • We are equipped to handle situations at a moment’s notice.

(Our mission groups sometimes help us when the disaster requires a long-term commitment.)

Connections with a new village can result from disaster relief. Many tribal leaders are opposed to us at first because they fear we are coming to steal their children and sell their body parts, a real issue in India. We are able to assure them we are only there to help.

This is one of the big areas where your financial help can make a real difference, not only in the villager’s physical well being, but opening a door to minister to their spiritual well being.

Children's Ministries

  • After school programs that help the children with studies and teach English.
  • Our summer mission trip is mostly helping us with VBS and sporting activities with the kids.
  • We take in children when we know they are endangered. Using a USA type Foster Care program, we place children with capable Christian families and then help them financially with their needs.
Our short-term mission trip groups often participate in VBS and after school programs.

Join us on our journey to ignite an EXPLOSION of converts to Christ!

Learn how you can join us in our exciting work, taking short-term missions trips with us, ministering first hand to people who need Jesus.

Learn more about our various missions outreachs that you can help support financially.